Stop Complaining About WAR

A month or two ago, both DTM About Heart and MannyElk, two exceptionally talented hockey analytic experts, released their Wins Above Replacement (WAR) data. The two analysts calculate their statistic differently, but both use smart formulas that make a lot of sense, and show relatively similar results. For this post, we'll be using MannyElk's data, … Continue reading Stop Complaining About WAR


Three 2017 1st rounders that deserved to go higher

Every year, certain players are taken later in the NHL draft than they deserve to.  Sometimes it's because teams drafting earlier decide to fill team needs instead of taking the best player available, and sometimes a player just falls.  Here are some of those players from this year's draft: Ryan Poehling Poehling is a skilled … Continue reading Three 2017 1st rounders that deserved to go higher

Selling low on RNH is a bad idea, what the Oilers should do instead

According to reports, the Oilers are preparing to "sell low" on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins."  The centre carries a $6M cap hit, which the Oilers cannot afford to keep, making a trade almost guaranteed.  It's looking like the Oilers are going to make an Eberle type trade, moving RNH for a cheaper, lower quality player.  While the … Continue reading Selling low on RNH is a bad idea, what the Oilers should do instead

Pastrnak Rumours

There have been recent reports that contract talks between RFA David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins are not going well, and the Bruins are exploring trading the sniper. However, Bruins GM Don Sweeney quickly shot down the rumours, ending the Twitter speculation. Pastrnak, who was drafted 25th overall in 2014, scored 34 goals this … Continue reading Pastrnak Rumours

2018 NHL Draft Statistical Rankings

I have created a spreadsheet that ranks 2018 draft eligible prospects using goals versus threshold. The points accumulated by each prospect are adjusted by league quality to create point totals as if all the players were in the same league. The results of this ranking play a large part in my general prospect rankings, which … Continue reading 2018 NHL Draft Statistical Rankings